Ilocos weekend Trip: Summary, itinerary as well as budget plan

When the bad Traveler was planning this trip to Ilocos, I did not have much expectations. sure I had heard about Ilocandia as well as all the raves about it before on TV however in all honesty, it did not truly charm to me. I just wished to see the Bangui Windmills, Pagudpud as well as Vigan. That was all I wanted.

But I got more than I bargained for.

The Ilocos region is house to the most amazing tourist destinations in the country. I was pleasantly surprised that even as much as now, this trip to Ilocos stays on my short listing of my finest domestic travels. Ilocos is pure love.

One of my buddies was right. Each location has its element. Each location offers an intimate connection with nature. He believes, for obvious reasons, that wind is the aspect of this wonderful region. El tiene razón. Yes, the Bangui Windmills is a proof however really, when you’re in Ilocos, you’ll feel like it is a “wind realm,” not just since of its existence as well as power however likewise there’s this constant feeling of being embraced by the wind. I don’t know, the wind there seemed to welcome as well as entertain us.

For example, during go to to Cape Bojeador Lighthouse — my preferred part of the tour — I was standing on the top of the tower, looking over this incredible terrain as well as it made me recognize just exactly how wind modifications landscapes as well as shapes cultures. Así soy yo.

Day Zero

Our trip began with a satisfy up at the Trinoma car parking great deal at around 9pm. We were a group of 7 as well as a tour guide-slash-driver was with us. We were able to leave the location 30 minutes later. We had a number of stopovers starting at a gas station along NLEX. reality is, I really don’t keep in mind much about our moments inside the van since I was sleeping most of the time. However, every time we stop (which occurred 5 times so a few of us might buy food, pee, buy food, as well as pee) I would get up however would go back to dreamland after 2 seconds.

Día 1

The next time I woke up we were on the car parking great deal of Bantay Church. Here’s our itinerary for Day 1:

Bantay Church as well as Belfry in Ilocos

Breakfast at cafe Uno in Vigan

A Wild encounter at ‘Baluarte’

Some History, Some politics inside Crisologo museum

Old institution Pottery at the ‘Pagburnayan’

The magnificent Paoay Church

Overnight at Java hotel in Laoag

We spent the night 1 at Java hotel in Laoag City. We really shown up at the hotel around 4:30pm however we were sooo tired that all of us went to sleep right after inspecting in. We woke up at around 8pm for dinner as well as went back to bed.

Dia 2

Our Day started earlier than 6am. With renewed energy, we were more than excited to hit the road once again particularly that we already had an concept on what was in store for us that day.

The Breathtaking Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Blown Away by Bangui Windmills

Swept Away in Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud

Kabigan Falls in Pagudpud

It was already dark when we got out of the woods. It was a bit frightening however there were many of us so it was not truly a problem. We inspected in at Polaris beach home that night. It wasn’t truly a high-end lodging however we were just there to sleep anyway so we didn’t complain. After all, the tour was so inexpensive we really believed we got what our money was worth. We had buffet dinner as well as hit the sack at around 9pm.

Día 3

La Funeraria Baquiran
Vigan was the only product on our itinerary for that day. We explored the city especially Calle Crisologo, had lunch at cafe Leona, bought a tonne of pasalubong as well as hit the road back to Manila at noon.

Gone to Vigan

We shown up at around 8pm in Manila.


Here’s the rough quote of our expenses:

P3300 — 3-day, 2-night tour inclusive of transportation, lodging as well as entrance fees.

P1500 — overall food costs including incidentals (drinks, snacks)

TOTAL: P4800

Note that this does not include pasalubong yet. I spent around P1200 on pasalubong, mainly longganisa. Jeje. That makes the overall P6000. Eso es todo. ¡Espero que esto ayude!

Overall, I like Ilocos. I believe it’s one of the very best as well as most gorgeous locations I have visited EVER. Ilocos is just extremely simple to autumn in like with.

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